American Democracy No Longer Exists

American Democracy No Longer Exists

American Democracy is a thing of the past.

American Democracy no longer exists. Democracy is under attack. It has happened before. In today’s America, this writer sees a battle fully joined right now! It echoes the 1800’s and 1920’s. People like the Koch Brothers are donating untold amounts of money to sway elected officials. Two people with the help of about 300 rich folks are essentially subverting American Democracy. What we see happening in the present is very similar to what was going on in 1799 under President John Adams.

American Democracy

As a result, the American people reversed this trend by electing one Thomas Jefferson. Many referred to this as the American Revolution of 1800 people were able to take back American Democracy at the ballot box. Is this still possible today? Can we in the present stop the Oligarchs and Plutocrats? Can the everyday American citizen stop the hijacking of our democracy? Does there need to be an American Revolution of 2018? Just like in the 1920’s America’s economic system is in crisis mode.  

Today’s political platforms mirror those of the Harding presidency of the 1920’s. More business in government less government in business. Deregulate and privatize. The deregulation of the banks in the early 1920’s. Which led to a Stock Market crash known as the ” Great Depression.”

Lack of Banking Oversight is a Killer!

One of the key factors that influenced all the other factors in the 1920s was the lack of national economic planning or any other substantial form of active government oversight in the economy. The Republican administrations of Warren G. Harding (served 1921–1923), Calvin Coolidge (served 1923–1929), and Herbert Hoover (served 1929–1933) embraced a laissez-faire philosophy. Laissez-faire means being relatively free of government control or regulation. These presidents did not plan, nor did they attempt to regulate, banking, stocks, bonds, or other basic aspects of the economy. They also did not gather adequate statistics that, if analyzed, would have highlighted growing problems in stock market investing, agriculture, international finance, and buildup of inventories of consumer goods.[See Source]

History Does Repeat Itself in Politics

Just like then as it is now the Plutocrats have control over the economy and the political process.

American Democracy

Yes, Fascism is alive and well in our American Democracy. In fact, it is the repackaging of the Fascist playbook.[See Article] Given these points, you cannot convince this writer that people like the Koch Brothers are not spokesmen for monopoly and special interests. The overall goal of these Fascist factions is to seize political power. Equally important, controlling power both in the state and marketplace limits our ability to stop them from destroying our American Democracy. Yes, they want to keep out the government from regulating their toxic behaviors. We must all remember government in America is supposed to mean ” We the People,” instead of “We the Corporation.”

Let’s clarify what Henry Wallace meant by eternal subjection. Democrats must take ownership for their poor showings in the mid-terms. In 2014, the Republican Party gained more power in state legislatures than ever before. Losing elections come with consequences. The House of Public Discourse would submit to you that money in politics was the biggest reason for this other than the usual poor voter turnout of the Democrats. Not to mention, that liberty has given way to gerrymandering.[See Article]

But, gerrymandering is not illegal. Both establishment parties have used it. It’s one of the consequences of losing elections. These assaults on our American Democracy traced back to the Powell memo.

What was the Powell Memo?

What have we seen result from all this power added that now we also have an orange Buffon in the White House? There are workshops of plutocracy conducted in these states. What we have is a full-fledged battle for democracy coupled with an eroding educational system. Wage-Stagnation. Attacks on the Civil Rights and Voting Rights legislation protections are disfranchising more and more people every day. Not to mention, growing inequality in America.

America’s once vibrant middle-class has submerged into the working poor. The question is how much longer are we going to sit back and take this abuse? What is going on is a total war on Progressivism which is attempting to correct this growing imbalance in our society. Neoliberals from both political parties are using McCarthyism tactics to misrepresent the goals and desires of the Progressive. Real Reason? When you remove the labels what you find is that progressive issues are popular with the American people. Both Democrat and Republican alike.[See Source] This is the main reason they want to keep us under eternal subjection.

They Have A Plan and you know what? It Is Working?

Factions both left and right along with their media echo chambers are seeking to marginalize Progressives and so-called Bernie Sanders Democrats from spreading the progressive message of inclusion for all and erasure of corruption that rules our governance. Since 2014 there has been a bevy of religious freedom bills put forth by conservatives to allow them to discriminate against others who see things differently. For example, refusing to serve Gay people at a Diner. These actions are by design to attract bigots. They know there is a huge voting block of them.[Bigots] They love slicing and dicing the electorate.

Labor laws and Workers Rights advocates get crucified by right-wing media for attempting to educate the public on the horrific impact ” Right to Work” states are having on its citizens and economy. The anti-union legislation is on steroids. Then there is cutting taxes on the rich. The very last thing America should be doing. America should be raising the taxes on the rich not lowering them. Therefore creating shortfalls in state budgets that are being satisfied by cutting peoples pension and welfare programs.

American Democracy No Longer Exists

We must come to terms with the reality that American Democracy as we knew it no longer exists. We are no longer at this time an actual democracy. A recent study by Princeton University makes this clear.[See Study] America has in fact moved from a Republic/Democracy to an Oligarchy. No, this is not front page news. But what should be front and center with every American is that we need a movement a real physical revolution to take back our democracy and restore it to its proper place. In the hands of the people.

What saddens this writer is unlike the American Revolution of 1800 won at the ballot box after the 2016 election fiasco I have little confidence in the integrity of America’s election system. I think it high time we all drop wasteful time and energy spent on blaming Russia and never-ending Congressional Hearings trying to impeach Trump when we could all get off our collective backsides and ensure we are properly registered to vote. Participate in our local communities for issues that matter to us. Moreover, get out an vote instead of making excuses not too. We must recruit and encourage quality well-rounded people to run for political office. We all must be ready to take bold actions against the National and Global plutocrats destroying our environments outsourcing our jobs and killing us with their deregulation practice. American Democracy no longer exists. But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Civil Disobedience Is Our Responsibility People Do Make The World Go Round! Reminds me of a Song


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  1. How do we wake wake em up? I think we keep telling the truth and shoving it in their faces until the consequences of ignoring us bite them where it hurts. So many that do not listen are numb from trying to survive. Sometimes we fight the war without knowing why. Really we need to stop being “good” sheep and start to question everything. The People really will be what takes this revolution in hand. We will prevail.

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